Celebrity Chefs

Up your bacon game! Check out cooking demos lead by some of Canada’s top chefs to learn new ideas for finger-licking ways to cook, smoke, and grill bacon.

Food Network celebrity chef and celebrated award-nominated cookbook author Lynn Crawford has over 25 years of culinary experience, and stars in Food Network Canada’s popular show Pitchin’ In. The show — among one of the highest rated cooking shows — follows Lynn as she visits farmers, growers, and fishermen across North America in search of the freshest and best ingredients. Lynn’s cooking philosophy is that the creation of a delicious meal requires passion, and quality ingredients.

In 1999, Michael McKenzie left his hometown of Ottawa to join the Canadian Armed Forces. During his military career travels, he had the opportunity to sample foods from all over the world. After moving to Kingston, Ontario, he found there was little in the way of quality cured meats available in Ontario. Curing meat became his hobby, when word of Mike’s high quality products got around among local chefs. After the birth of his son, Michael decided to leave the navy to start a salami business, in the last five years he has gained renown as one of Canada’s top artisanal food producers, and has won a number of culinary awards. Mike’s goal is to make authentically Canadian world-class cured meat.

Steph Legari, also known as Steph the Grilling Gourmet®, has been entertaining and educating crowds of food lovers for years. Formally trained at George Brown College in Toronto, he has taken that classical training and applied it to the grill where his vision is that all food can benefit in some way from fire and smoke. He teaches the art of grilling on a variety of grills and smokers, demonstrates simple techniques and, with the use of his own brand of dry rubs, creates cuisine that can be easily replicated by his viewing audience. He has appeared numerous times on television and radio, in print media, and he is the host of his own television series Grill This, Smoke That. He is a master at taking the ordinary and giving it a twist to create unique taste sensations.